Our Vision

Mission and Value Statement


Dear Members,


The Long Bay Hills Subdivision was created in 1967 with the intention of being a residential community of single-family homes and villas.  Residents would enjoy and preserve the secluded beauty of a spectacular white sand beach and quiet inland terrain with some of the best views on Providenciales. The subdivision's earliest land use restrictions reflect that intent.  Those same documents established a Property Owners' Association ("The Association") to carry out that purpose.  The mandate of “The Association” was:  "To control and manage the development of land in the subdivision for the benefit and protection of all members of the Association." In addition, it was tasked with maintaining roads and public areas.


In the fifty years since its incorporation, development in Long Bay Hills has occurred in fits and starts.  However, more recently following the recovery of the economic downturn in 2008 and the growth of kiteboarding, there has been a marked increase in land sales and construction. New projects and developments are increasingly being proposed. Long Bay Hills has been "bookended" by two large developments: The Shore Club at the Northeast end of the beach, and the proposed Windward development on the Caicos Marina site at the Southwest end of the beach. High-end villas have sprung up along Long Bay Beach Road, many of which were built to serve the lucrative vacation rental market. With this increased activity, developers are pushing the boundaries of the original land use restrictions. There is a growing demand from new owners and residents for better roads and security, as well as a concern for what the future holds for this once quiet, residential community.


The Association, with the help and support of the government, has an opportunity to shape a community that is consistent with the original residential intent. The challenge will be to retain the quiet, secluded beauty of the area, while enabling the development needed to accommodate the ever-increasing number of residents and visitors who want access to the beach and surrounding area.


While the corporate documents call for membership "fees", the actual payment of those fees is voluntary. To date, in an effort to encourage greater participation, the level of these voluntary fees has been kept low.  As a result, the level of revenue raised has been insufficient to provide more than the barest of services to the community. Any major project within the subdivision (like road paving) has been funded by individual contribution earmarked for the specific project. The result is a haphazard, limited-scope approach to development.


In order for the Association to play an effective role in the development of Long Bay Hills, it must develop sources of revenue beyond the voluntary membership fees that exist today, and revamp the approach to calculating those fees.


Over the next several months, the board of the Association will be preparing a Master Plan for the subdivision.  This plan will be put forth for consideration by the full membership at the fall AGM. If you care about your community and the decisions that will shape its future, we encourage you to participate.  Please make sure that the Association has your up to date contact information, and pay your fees when requested.  The new website will have periodic updates on the plan's progress and provide a platform for members' input.


Yours Truly,


The LBHPOA Board 2018